At our shop every car gets a digital inspection! That means we SHOW you what your car needs. Please click on the sample link to see an example of an inspection we did on our very own shuttle vehicle. You will receive a link for your car that looks just like this: Hi JOHNNY'S AUTOMOTIVE, please click the link below to view your 2012 Kia Sedona LX digital inspection.

What is a Digital Inspection and Why do I need one?

Johnny's Automotive is a premier automotive service center. We are always looking for the best ways to diagnose your vehicles issues. More importantly we are always using the latest technology to help our customers understand the results of those diagnostic issues. With digital inspections we put all of that discovered information in the palm of your hand!

It starts with the technician assigned to your vehicle performing a 33 point vehicle health inspection. As the technician examines your car he notes and photographs all the good and healthy points of your car along with your current service issue and any potential future issues that may be found.

You will get a report card sent to your preferred contact method (text or email.) Once you have reviewed your personal inspection a service adviser will discuss the overall health of your vehicle and address any concerns found.

You can have confidence that Johnny's is as interested in protecting your investment as much as you are! This is the latest step in shop transparency. We want you to have confidence from visual confirmation in the repairs in question even if your vehicle was dropped off. From the comfort of your home or at work you will be able to make an informed decision about your automotive repairs! One more step in reinforcing the trust you already put in Johnny's Automotive.

The future is now with Digital Inspections!